February 5, 2011


I KNOW! I finally bit the bullet and purchased an actual domain name and hosting services for this comic. Which means it's relocating. Blogger has been really good to me, and I'm glad it was here when Octopod Adventures needed it.

But now it's time to grow up and get some big kid underpants website set-up.

I'm still sketching it out and getting everything together (I haven't found a theme I really like yet) but it's all over at:


I'm sorry to inconvenience any faithful readers, but I promise this move is for the best and the site is only going to go up from here. :)


February 3, 2011

Mustache Win!

My best friend. Man, she's so great.


February 1, 2011

Early Valentine!

I think I was resting my hand on something weird for that "adventures" at the very end.

Also, diorama comic!